Die casting specialist • Cixi Ruisheng

Cost-effective mass production

Use of high precision tools

ISO 9001 certified

Professional QC department


Mold manufacturing

Cixi Ruisheng has over 15 years experience in the manufacturing of die casting moulds and metal...


Cixi Ruisheng is able to apply any kind of finishing to your product. Techniques that are often...

Die Casting

Die casting is a casting technique entirely executed in a machine. The liquid metal is injected i...

Assembly and post production services

Post production service
 At Cixi Ruisheng we have the finest specialists and machines. This...


Far east production made easy

Cixi Ruisheng produces products for the European market for more than 10 years already and therefore is very familiar with the European quality requirements. With our representative office in the Netherlands we strive to serve our European customers by providing professional One-Stop service.

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